Susan's Farm is an organic farm certified by the Soil Association. Our Lamb and Beef is also Pasture for Life Certified (PFLA).


Our founder, Susan Aglionby, was quoted on BBC's Countryfile in July 2016 as saying;   "Healthy soil produces healthy plants that produce healthy food and so healthy children."


This is the ethic that drives our passion to farm and share that knowledge and experience with others.


The farm comprises three main blocks of land, The Croft at Houghton,  land at Aglionby (both just outside Carlisle) and, thirdly, land at Wallacefield, Armathwaite. The total area of land grazed and farmed extends to approximately 80 ha or 200 acres.


We farm Longhorn Cattle, North of England Mule Sheep, Geese and Hens. Currently we have about 40 head of cattle, 45 ewes, 80 lambs, 30 geese and 25 hens (for eggs). We sell beef and lamb year round, eggs to locals in Houghton and geese are immensely popular at Christmas time. We also have about half and acres of a productive fruit and vegetable garden at Houghton and sell surplus from that alongside our homemade jellies and jams.


The farm is mostly grass but we also grow a five hectares of herbal leys, and we have about 10 acres of woodland, some is SSSI along the river Eden. We are working on enhancing carbon storage in our pastures through improving our grazing management.

Farming with the soil to produce healthy food