Our wetlands at aglionby

Our wetlands are the ideal place to learn about various habitats, exploring the plants and the animals that live there. 


This aerial shot shows you the location of the education room, composting loo and various boardwalks that surround two of the ponds. 


With adjacent woodlands and hedges, the wetlands is a vibrant wildlife habitat in which to explore. There are many opportunities to link learning to the National Curriculum and of course, just being outside is a welcome tonic.



To find out more email helen@susansfarm.co.uk or call 01228 548336.


Check out the video and gallery below for images of what you might see on a visit to the wetlands.

Examples of sessions

Please ask about the availability of our free 2-hour sessions for schools . We can also provide reasonably priced transport for groups of up to 7 students.

Habitat exploration - adaptable for all key stages

Cover National Curriculum objectives for lifecycles, habitats and food chains.

Learn about biodiversity and conservation of wetland habitats.

Try pond dipping and use identification charts  to see what you can find.

Explore the hedgerow and surrounding countryside.

Adventure in the reed beds.

Complete the brass rubbing trail and see how many different plants and animals you can identify



Digital Creative Retreat adaptable for all ages

Take time out to reflect on your use of technology and enjoy immersing yourself in nature (device free!)

Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the wetlands site and listen to and observe the natural sound/landscape.

Create natural artwork, draw or paint, take photographs, listen and observe.


The wetlands location at j43, m6

You can download the directions and details of parking instructions  here