Studying World War 2?


Look at original china celebrating the end of WW1, genuine ration and identity cards, and see how

much a weekly ration really was. Find out what sort of sweets were available!

Use original World War 2 recipes to make lunch -Lord Woolton Pie and apple rice pudding. Work on

DT skills -cutting and chopping with sharp knives and using a cooker safely.




Enjoy a cup of loose-leaf tea and make a National Loaf, using the Government recipe. Enjoy hedgerow

jam on top -if there’s any sugar left from your ration.

Go collecting food from the farm and try rosehip syrup -like every child did in the war- to fight infection. Listen to true stories from evacuees to Cumbria and find out why knitted swimming costumes never became too popular!


“Our day linked with history and literacy lessons…We loved it, thank you. The children were really enthusiastic and engaged.” Year 6 teacher, Newlaithes Junior School, Carlisle



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