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Coming Up - Open Farm Sunday

Save the date - Sunday 10th June


We're getting ready and arranging a whole range of activities. Everyone is more than welcome to visit the farm. It is free entry for all.


We will have the official opening of our new and improved Education Building by Paul Caldwell (RPA) and Andy Beeforth (Cumbria Community Foundation). Afterwards there will be a signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between Susan's Farm C.I.C. and University of Cumbria.


For more details visit the Open Farm Sunday website





Spring is here

It appears that spring is here. The warm weather means the grass is finally growing. Although the rain means we still need to feed haylage to the cattle and sheep.


The trees are in bud and the daffodils are out










CALVING - The year of 'Q'

We now how five calves this year. All are doing well. This year we've reached the letter Q for names. It's been a fun challenge coming up with them. So far we have Quentin, Quattro, Quince, Quorn and Quake. 


More cows are due to calve throughout the year.







We have now finished lambing for the year. Over 40 ewes delivered about 80 lambs. It's been an eventful time and we've enjoyed having various groups visiting and seeing the lambs.







Easter Egg hunt

We had a wonderful Easter Egg Hunt on Easter Sunday. Thank you to everyone who came to the farm and took part. This year's word was FROGSPAWN. It was wonderful seeing lots of children and adults exploring the farm and finding clues. 


The frogspawn has now become tadpoles.


We were hit by the snow at the beginning of March. Feeding the cattle at Armathwaite became a challenge with a 12 mile detour to feed stock 100m down the road. A collapsed ewe had to be rescued by tabbogan. Wallace Field was cut off by snow drifts for four days.





We are very fortunate to have received a LEADER grant to turn our education building into a permanent, independent building. This severs the building from the main house and attaches all amenities to the mains. At the same time there will be some internal restructuring to the building, adding a kitchen and office space


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Christmas geese

All our organic geese were collected and enjoyed over the Christmas period! They are a wonderful addition to the festivities. It's never too early to order one for Christmas 2018. Give us a call or email to place your order

Farmer's Five Award

On Monday 9th October 2017 there was a presentation of awards and certificates to members of the Farmer’s Five group ( vulnerable adults) at Susan’s Farm, The Croft, Houghton. All five of the students had achieved these qualifications in Agriculture with the support and under the guidance of Newton Rigg College, Penrith. The students were supported financially by Cumbria Community Foundation to undertake these qualifications.


The awards were presented by Andrew and Jane Humphries. Andrew was vice Principal of Newton Rigg College, and Jane is a trustee of the Cumbria Community Foundation and chairs its grants committee .


The presentation and celebration was attended by relatives and supporters of the students as well as the Director and tutors from Newton Rigg College. Special thanks were given to Ruth Alcroft who had tutored and guided the students week by week on the farm.


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