What are Citizen Science Projects?

Citizen Science projects are ways in which we can all collaborate to research specific topics and create large sets of data which help us understand the world around us. 


As an organic farm  we are always looking at our farming practices to ensure we farm in a regenerative way and help nature and wildlife as we farm.


We collect and analyse data  from the farm every week or month, but we need your help to gather even more data to help us improve our farming practices.


Whether as a school, community group or even an individual, why not have a look at our projects and see if there's one you fancy contributing to.

Who eats our poo?

Take part in the monitoring of our dung beetle population and how/where they are found on the farm- help us ensure that we have the optimum dung beetle population to enrich our soil.

We will find/capture and identify dung beetles in this collaborative project with the Cumbria Biodiversity Data Centre to whom we report our data.

To find out more visit our Dung Beetle Project page here.

Who likes a warm bed in the woodlands?

By using GPS located refugia in our shelter belt of trees we monitor the various animals that seek the warmth and shelter that the refugia provide throughout the year. This is a collaborative project with the Cumbria Amphibian and Reptile to whom we report our data.

Which animals will find a warm bed for the winter? Why not find out?

Where are the newts?

Help us survey our wetlands for amphibians and reptiles by conducting an initial habitat suitability survey and making recommendations for habitat restoration or maintenance.


We will also create hibernacula to enable amphibians and reptiles to use over the winter.